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Guidelines for Uploading Art

Step-by-Step Instructions to Create and Upload Art at Home for your SilverGraphics Fundraiser

Your school is running a SilverGraphics Art Fundraiser! You’ll be invited to upload your art online and order beautiful keepsakes. These make great gifts and collectibles to enjoy for years to come. Follow the guidelines below to create your art and prepare it for uploading. Watch for ordering instructions coming from your school. In the meantime, have fun creating art!


STEP 1: Create Artwork

Creating art at home can be a challenge, but it can also be really fun! There are lots of online resources to inspire parents and their young artists. A great place to start is SilverGraphics Art Resources for the Virtual Learner. You’ll find tips for how to make homemade watercolors, DIY paintbrushes, and art lesson plans!

Paper & Materials:

  • Choose any of these paper sizes: 8” x 10”, 8 1/2” x 11”, 9” x 12” and 11” x  14”.
  • Use a card stock paper that holds up to paint without buckling
  • Completely cover the paper with color, minimizing white space: paint, markers, oil pastels and paper collages are all very effective.
  • For a personal touch, add your signature (at least 1/2″ from edge)

What to Draw:

Your school may have certain art project in mind. Online resources are also abundant. Here are a few we really love, with step-by-step instructions for creating art at home:

How to Draw an OwlEasy Rainbow ArtPop Art BeePattern Pumpkins Collage  by Jenny Knappenberger

Winter Scene  by Mix it up Art

Winter Cardinal Folk Art Trees  by Deep Space Sparkle

Alma Thomas Paper Collage  by Courtney Rock

Pop Art Pets with Romero Britto  /  David Hockney LandscapesGeorgia O’Keefe Flowers  by Color My Monday

Monet Art Finger Painting  by The Crafty Classroom


How many pieces of art can I submit?

You are not limited to one piece of art! Students can create and upload multiple artworks to your school’s Online Art Shop, new drawings as well as projects from the past. Sibling art, family projects, and photographs are also welcome!


STEP 2: Scan/Photograph your Art

The next step is to get your artwork into digital format for uploading. The quality of your art image will affect how it looks on your keepsakes! Even if the image looks great in your camera’s viewfinder, it may appear blurry or off-color when it is enlarged. Lighting conditions, camera angle, and steadiness are all important. Please follow SilverGraphics Guidelines for scanning/photographing artwork.

Save your image(s) on your desktop or phone, ready for uploading when your Online Art Shop opens.


STEP 3: Upload your Art and Order your Keepsakes!

Your SilverGraphics School Coordinator will let you know when your shop is open for ordering and will provide your school’s unique Access Code needed to place your fundraising order. In the meantime, keep creating art, browse available SilverGraphics Keepsakes  and check out our video of how to upload your art  to your school’s Online Art Shop!


Watch our video on how to photograph and upload your favorite art!




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