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Art Fundraising Reviews

Why Choose Us?

We love celebrating the creative process with your student’s artwork reproduced on products to cherish and share. Looking for a fundraising company for your school? Read some of the fundraising reviews from our happy customers:

Our elementary school has done the SilverGraphics fundraising program for the past 2 years and will be running it again this year. It’s a wonderful program for everyone: The kids get to make and share their masterpieces with parents and family. Parents have the opportunity to proudly display their kids’ creations on everyday items, like coffee mugs and key chains, and to wow grandparents, aunts and uncles with holiday gifts. The school is able to provide something that the parents actually want to purchase and make a very reasonable return in the process. Our first year doing the SilverGraphics fundraiser, we raised several thousand dollars, much more than we had initially budgeted. And if the win-win weren’t compelling enough, the SilverGraphics folks make this fundraiser easy and enjoyable. And the products are very high quality, worthy of my kids’ masterpieces.

Melissa Korol, Hosack Elementary School PFA

I think that SilverGraphics is a wonderful company to work with. I have coordinated the program for our school for the past five years and each year has been a pleasure. SilverGraphics has such an organized and streamlined process that I can manage all of the orders for a school of over 800 children on my own. The products are fabulous – including the quality and choices. The art teachers love the flexibility of paper size and materials they can offer the students. Any problems that arise are immediately handled in the most professional matter – always to the satisfaction of the customer. I recommend SilverGraphics to parents at other schools all of the time and I will continue to do so.

Leigh, Fundraising Coordinator

I have been our school’s PTO coordinator for the SilverGraphics fundraiser for two years now. I took over as coordinator with no prior knowledge of the program, but with one simple phone call, SilverGraphics made it very easy to learn and then execute a seamless fundraiser. This fundraiser is an easy sale because our parents look forward to the opportunity to purchase their children’s artwork on high-quality products every year. The products are beautiful and arrive clearly organized. Great product is key, but as the coordinator, the best part about SilverGraphics is their excellent customer service. The staff at SilverGraphics is accessible, friendly, and very organized. The steps in the fundraiser process are clearly communicated and they send helpful reminders along the way. I can trust that the orders are correct and they are always quick to help with any issues or questions I have. I highly recommend SilverGraphics!

Emily Cartwright, Fundraising Coordinator

SilverGraphics will be the only fundraiser I ever use. I have been super happy and very impressed with their organization and schedule for ordering and receiving products. They are open to and flexible with late and special orders. They respond positively and promptly to replace any damaged products, which I have only had one damaged item in three years. We do a lot of ordering, and our families respond very well to this fundraiser. I have had parents and teachers place special orders through SilverGraphics and have received nothing but positive feedback for their products and service.

Sonya Smith, Art Teacher, The daVinci Academy

We have worked with SilverGraphics for two years now. They have been great to work with and our Tile Wall looks incredible. It has become a centerpiece for our school. This has been a fabulous way to highlight the talents of our students and earn some extra money for our school.

Lakeview Academy

As a teacher, I appreciate the opportunity to include my own art in our school’s SilverGraphics fundraiser. It gives me a chance to express myself through art and support my school at the same time. Now that my son is in school, I have started a tradition of having his art imprints on SilverGraphics items as well!

Hope Regan, Art Teacher

As a parent, Silver Graphics is the best opportunity to show my children how much I support and appreciate their artwork. I look forward to the opportunity to order items that I need, such as coffee mugs and flags, but with my own child’s artwork displayed on it. Silver Graphics is a HUGE hit in our school.

PTA President, Jackson Heights Elementary

The folks at SilverGraphics are absolutely wonderful to work with: Great ‘Can Do’ service; Friendly; Consultative; impeccable Quality! Thanks to SilverGraphics for helping us to produce multiple, long-lasting ‘masterpieces’ for both our school and associated entities. We have received nothing but praise and reactions of ‘awe’ from those who have viewed and ‘taken in’ our tile walls!

John Davis, Art & Gallery Educator / Visual Arts Coordinator
Milton Hershey School, Hershey, PA

Our school’s PTA loved working with SilverGraphics on so many levels. The quality of the SilverGraphics products, as well as the quality of the reproduction of the children’s art was top-notch, the customer service was outstanding, and the accuracy of the orders was just amazing. Every single order came into our school 100% correct. I’ve been a PTA officer for three years and we’ve never encountered a more user-friendly or successful fundraiser!

PTA Executive Officer

Thank you, SilverGraphics, for making this project a great success! Your help was top notch and the kids and families are very happy with their purchases. The money raised from this fundraiser goes right back into purchasing supplies for the art program here at school, so it is a nice full circle!”

Donna Rivers, PTA Chair

The SilverGraphics team is the BEST!!!! Olivet parents love the products. The color and quality of the reproductions are what impress me. In addition, I run the entire fundraiser by myself. It’s easy because SilverGraphics paperwork makes sense, and they box and ship things in a logical way, easy to unpack and deliver to students. Both years I received my product before the promised date, even when I have made mistakes. I would not consider using any other company.

Art Teacher, Olivet Elementary School

I have been the Chairperson for Craig Elementary School’s original artwork fundraiser for the past 7 years. I have chosen to work with SilverGraphics each year due to their outstanding quality, promptness and willingness to go the extra courtesy when called upon. The staff at SilverGraphics have always been extremely professional and pleasant to work with. I have and will continue to recommend them to other schools who offer this type of fundraiser.

Dari Munger, Fundraising Coordinator

SilverGraphics is a wonderful fundraiser. I am a secondary school teacher and mother of two elementary school children. This fundraiser is perfect for kids of all ages. It is an educationally sound fundraising activity since it taps into kid’s creativity, and the students and families are excited to participate and receive such treasured, personal and artistic items. As a coordinator of this fundraiser, it is very easy. The staff at SilverGraphics are very well organized and helpful. The Special Music School in New York City plans to continue using this company for future fundraising events.

Alex Brown, PTA Fundraising Committee

I have managed PTO fundraising for the past three years. As an urban school, we intentionally set the profit percentage lower than usual so that more parents can participate and buy beautiful products with their children’s artwork. Our art teacher is ALWAYS amazed at the reproduction quality. This is a personal favorite of mine as well as of the rest of the PTO. To top it all off, the order filling is accurate beyond compare!

Nicole Rosen, PTO Chair

This year will be our school’s fourth year participating in the SilverGraphics program. I run the program on behalf of the PTA of our K-8 school, with about 500 or so students. I can honestly say that there has been no downside to working with SilverGraphics, either with their service or with their products. The company has always been very well organized and efficient – they really make everything easy, from the convenient checklist they prepare to the ordering and shipping, and in their communications with me. Our families love the products. I have gotten increased orders every year with the program, with products arriving in time for the holidays. Collaborating with our art teacher has been a good experience. We generally dedicate all or most of the profits to the art program. I am able to manage the fundraiser myself, with a small crew of 3-5 volunteers to sort the orders when they come in. Not much work for a good-sized profit!

Liza Davis, Delaware Township PTA

Words cannot express how much I love my new throw pillow with my daughter’s artwork. I will have to order some with my other children’s art as well. This is a lifetime memory. Thank you SilverGraphics!

Yadira Maravilla, Satisfied Customer

St. Helen’s School has partnered with SilverGraphics for 2 years, providing our school families personalized gifts that feature student artwork. As we go into our 3rd year, we know that parents are looking forward to the opportunity to purchase gifts that literally have special memories attached. SilverGraphics is always available for advice to ensure great artwork on the gift items. The actual art guidelines are quite liberal and allow the art teacher to give students more freedom to create their own art. Instructions are clear. The product samples that we are given help our art teacher sell the fundraiser to the kids, who turn around and get their parents excited about it. SilverGraphics also provides flyers and posters to preview the products and get parents talking. Order forms are clear and speak for themselves. All the finished products come packaged and wrapped in individual packages with the student’s name on each piece. This really makes it easy to separate the orders and take inventory. We have never been short on an order. Nor have we had any damaged goods. And this is quite important to us because our fundraiser takes place around Christmas. The prices are reasonable and the items are of the highest quality!

St. Helen’s School

We received our order and we are all thrilled with the results! The products are of such wonderful quality and the images reproduced beautifully. The SilverGraphics staff was delightful to work with, getting our fundraiser going on short notice:) We look forward to working with SilverGraphics again next year!

Jeannine Dibart, Katonah Playcare

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love using my cutting boards from SilverGraphics, as well as the large mugs, quilt squares, and a lot of your other products. They make great gifts too. The fact that your customer service is so incredible puts your company over the top as far as I am concerned. Thanks for this creative fundraiser and for standing behind your work!

Susan Orshan, Satisfied Customer

heather mangasThank you for helping to make our Fundraiser a success. This year definitely presented some challenges, but despite them all, we surpassed our profit from last year! Even with a lower number of art submissions. You all certainly made the process easy and seamless. The email reminders, supplies and marketing tools, easy instructions for uploading art and timely follow-ups were greatly appreciated. It’s a win-win when students and their families can purchase such special keepsakes while supporting the school. Thanks to the SilverGraphics team for making this possible.

Heather Mangas, Fundraiser Chair
William S. Talbot Elementary School