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Design Your Own School Fundraiser with SilverGraphics

For over 20 years, SilverGraphics has been a fundraiser of choice in schools across the country. PTA, PTO, and other Parent Groups looking for creative school fundraising ideas find a perfect partner in SilverGraphics. Art teachers like our flexible art guidelines that allow them to select the best projects from their curriculum.

SilverGraphics offers more custom options than any other art-based fundraising company! You can choose from multiple fundraising programs and schedules, submit art projects right from your curriculum with few limitations,  and choose your own ordering options:

Choose from three art fundraising programs

Pick your own schedule

Send art right from your own curriculum

Select online & paper ordering options

All virtual programs available!



See how we helped Harmony Hill Elementary “reel” in the profits!




Choose from 3 School Fundraiser Options:

Purple Star



… our most popular program with FREE trading cards for each student.


Step 1:  Ship Artwork

It’s easy to be creative with our fundraiser.
We accept art in a variety of
mediums and sizes up to 12” x 17″.

Step 2:  Place Orders

Student name and artwork are featured
on the front of every order form,
sure to win parents’ hearts.

Step 3:  Distribute Products

Handing out student orders
is a breeze since we bundle them
by artist and class.



With Our Preview Art Fundraiser:


✔  Schools can maximize participation and profit.                               

✔  Online & paper ordering options are available.                           

✔  Parents can upload additional art to their school order.                     

✔  Exclusive products are offered online.                                       

✔  Every student gets 6 FREE trading cards. 



First, you ship us awesome student artwork. We scan the art and create a personalized order form for each student, including their name and preview of their artwork, along with beautiful product images and your re-sale prices. Ordering instructions invite parents to turn in a paper order form or place an order online, or both. Parents can find even more product options available in your online shop, and they’ll be able to upload new art and place additional fundraising orders to support your school!


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(formerly Express Fundraiser)

… an alternate program with a quicker turnaround.

Step 1:  Ship Art & Orders Together

Collect orders and ship them to
SilverGraphics along with student art,
up to 12″ x 17″ making it easy to be creative!

Step 2:  Distribute Products

Handing out student orders
is a breeze since we bundle them
by artist and class.



With Our Send-Art-Home Fundraiser


✔  Fewer steps mean faster turnaround.                                                 

✔  Students can place orders on more than one piece of art.                           

✔  Online ordering available for re-orders.                                                          

✔  It’s a perfect complement to Art Shows and Portfolio Fundraising.



SilverGraphics will ship generic order forms to your school customized with your school name, beautiful product images, ordering instructions, and your re-sale prices. After students complete art projects at school, you just send art home along with an order form. Ordering instructions invite parents to return the original art to school along with their order. Parents can also submit other artwork the student has created at school, home or both, and place additional fundraising orders to support your school!


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School fundraising is as important as ever to ensure that students have all the tools necessary for the best educational experiences, whether learning is happening at school, virtually, or a combination of the two. SilverGraphics is here for you, with Virtual Fundraising Solutions and Free Home Delivery for qualifying purchases.


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Add a Legacy Tile Wall!

Commemorate student artwork with a tile exhibit at your school!

  • Tile Wall
  • Tile Wall

Your hallways will look colorful and cheerful, decorated with student artwork. Students take pride in these tile displays, knowing they have created something special that will remain at the school after they graduate.

A tile wall offers another way to raise money for your school. Invite parents to order any of our 50+ products and donate a tile printed with their child’s art for display at your school. Watch your installation grow as you add new tiles year after year!

We offer tiles in a variety of sizes and finishes, making it easy to create unique exhibits at your school. With your tile wall shipment, you’ll get installation instructions and paper images of student art so you can plan your layout before installing.


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Our art fundraiser is fueled by imagination!
Contact SilverGraphics to turn your school fundraising ideas into reality.



Fundraising Guide

Learn How to Plan a Successful School Fundraiser

While there’s no secret formula when it comes to school fundraising, there are some key things you can do to ensure the best outcome, and have fun in the process! Please click on the image to download our FREE Fundraising Guide, “5 Tips for a Successful School Fundraiser” today! Learn How to:

✔  Communicate with impact

✔  Build a great fundraising team

✔  Achieve great results



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