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Why SilverGraphics is One of the
Top School Fundraising Companies!

Our school fundraising programs are custom designed for your success. We are the only art school fundraising company to accept large artwork projects that do not have to conform to a specific size. Plus, we offer a 5% bonus with 45% parent participation (minimum of 150 orders). Contact us today to request more information.

PRICING  Our pricing results in a 33% profit for your school. During the main ordering period, if you have at least 150 orders and 45% parent participation, you will earn an extra 5% profit. After the ordering deadline, you will continue to profit from online sales, at a 5% reduced margin, until your shop officially closes on June 30.

TWO ORDERING OPTIONS  Maximize sales by offering parents the opportunity to place orders online or by turning in paper order forms.

LARGE ARTWORK ACCEPTED  We encourage art teachers and docents to select the best creative projects from their own curriculum, up to 12” x 17”, absolutely the largest size in the industry!

PERSONALIZED ORDER FORMS  With our Preview Art Fundraiser, each student receives a custom order form, featuring images of the student’s art for parents to “preview” before shopping, full-color photos and descriptions of our 50+ products, and easy ordering instructions.

FREE SHIPPING  When 100 or more orders are placed, bulk shipments to the school are on us (within the continental US)! Or you can choose our SHIP TO HOME option and have all orders ship directly to parents’ homes. We’ve capped our home shipping rates at $6.95 and, as a bonus, we’re offering FREE home delivery on all orders over $60.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVES  Your art fundraiser remains fresh and exciting with our array of web exclusive products, offering parents even more product options.

ONLINE ART SHOP  Showcase student artwork in a password-protected school Art Shop and continue earning profits on late orders and reorders placed through your gallery.

TILE WALLS  Beautify your school and memorialize student artwork with a Legacy Wall by SilverGraphics. Choose from the largest variety of sizes and finishes in the industry to create unique exhibits at your school or business.

Tile Wall Fundraiser

Ceramic Tile/Textured Glass Tile/Tuscan Porcelain Tile : Visit our Tile Wall Fundraising Page

FREE PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS  To help you advertise your art fundraiser, generate excitement, and boost sales, we send complimentary product samples, display posters, and announcement flyers.

WE TALLY ALL ORDERS SilverGraphics generates a spreadsheet for you, summarizing every order placed online or by paper.

ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS  Always on the lookout for “green” products, we continue to expand this part of our line.

eco-friendly products

WOMEN-OWNED  Since our founding in 1995, we have proudly operated a women-owned business.

ARCHIVED ART ORDERS  We keep artwork on file (since 2005!) for future ordering, even after your fundraiser is closed.

GIVING BACK  We donate a portion of our profits to promoting greater access to the arts for everyone.

FREE DIGITAL IMAGES  We will send you (on request) digital images of each student’s art via a Dropbox link from SilverGraphics, useful to document projects and inspire future art lessons.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION  We are here for you every step of the way, with email reminders, marketing support, and tips for organizing a successful event. See our Art Fundraiser Reviews!

PRODUCT GUARANTEE  All our products are hand selected and tested for reproduction quality and durability. In scanning, production, and packaging, we have quality control measures in place. If an item arrives damaged or broken, we will replace it. Guaranteed!

EASY ENROLLMENT  Complete our simple online enrollment and jump start your fundraiser today!

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