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An Art Fundraising Company for Schools Since 1995

SilverGraphics was founded in 1995 by a mom who saw a decline in arts programming and funding and wanted to do something to change that. Sparked by her training as a graphic designer and passion for the creative process, she launched a company that celebrates the artist in each of us. One of the top fundraising companies for schools and nonprofits, our fundraising ideas offer a way to preserve student artwork on beautiful collectibles. But in the end, it’s about more than products. It’s about supporting the creative process and arts education. It’s about funding a new kiln, a playground upgrade, a school trip, a new technology. It’s about the smiles on kids’ faces when they see their masterpieces reproduced, and the joy it brings their parents!

Women Owned

The SilverGraphics Team

Clients entrust us with precious artwork, an honor we take to heart. Each one of our employees is dedicated to your success, producing and shipping your custom art fundraiser products with care. Meet our team:




Betty Ireland Dufresne

Betty Dufresne

Betty, a graphic designer and dedicated PTA mom, was continually searching for a way to make school fundraisers more exciting. In 1995, combining her love of art with a passion for quality education, SilverGraphics was founded and has since become one of the top fundraising companies for nonprofits and schools. 20+ years later, Betty and her team continue offering unique fundraisers that commemorate student artwork and fund important school programs. They are committed to high quality products and outstanding customer service, striving to maintain a small business feel as SilverGraphics continues to grow. The two favorite parts of her day?… talking to potential customers who phone in and seeing all the amazing artwork created by students from all over the US and as far away as Germany!


Gretchen Wagner Feero

Gretchen came on board in 2004 as Vice President at a time when Betty very much wanted to expand the business. With a background in Early Childhood Education and art, she enjoyed working in a variety of different fields eventually ending up as business manager at SilverGraphics. In 2014, after the birth of her first grandchild, Gretchen realized she wanted to spend more time at home working on her own arts and crafts endeavors and babysitting when needed! Since retiring in 2015, sewing, needlepoint, gardening and cooking and traveling are her joys.



Rosemary Bishop

Rosemary Bishop

Rosy first learned about SilverGraphics when her children brought home an order form with their Elementary School art. For years, she had been collecting their art and now had a way to display it on beautiful products. It wasn’t long before she volunteered to coordinate the program. Now, as Marketing Manager at SilverGraphics, she is delighted to work with schools across the country, as they implement their own art fundraisers. The thing she likes most about her job is knowing when she’s made someone’s day. Outside of work, Rosy’s creative outlets include gardening, drumming, and Zentangle.


Eliza Feero

Eliza Feero

Eliza is a long-time SilverGraphics employee. In fact, in 2003 she was assembling orders at SilverGraphics’ first location, in Betty’s living room! Her role has expanded along with the business. Now, she oversees scanning and packaging departments. And she enjoys her new role as social media content manager, especially featuring student “artists of the week” and sharing posts that promote arts in education. An active participant in SilverGraphics team meetings, Eliza is an integral part of SilverGraphics continuous improvement efforts, from technology innovations to enhancing customer experiences. She looks forward to when her young son begins to create art that can be imprinted on timeless keepsakes from SilverGraphics!


Deb Seeger

Deb Seeger

Deb knew she would enjoy working with kids’ art and was thrilled when a part-time position came open at SilverGraphics in 2005. That year, she saw the power of art to communicate life experiences, as children submitted artwork in the aftermath of 9/11. The art memorializing loved ones was especially moving. Today, Deb takes her job as production manager very seriously, ensuring artwork is reproduced in the best manner possible. But she also likes to have a lot of fun in her role as company prankster! Outside of work, Deb enjoys knitting club and spending as much time as possible with her grandchildren Lily and Lawrence.


Giving Back:  
SilverGraphics supports greater access to the arts for all students, donating thousands of dollars every season to foundations committed to this cause. We are so proud of the impact this has had on arts programming in underserved markets everywhere.

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