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Art Fundraising FAQs

Thanks for stopping by our FAQs page! Click below to find answers to all your questions about running our fundraiser or placing an order. If you don’t see an answer to your specific question, please contact our customer support team and someone will get back to you promptly.

Questions About Running Our Art Fundraiser


When should we enroll in a SilverGraphics art fundraiser?
The earlier you sign up, the more choice of schedules you have. We recommend signing up for a fall fundraiser at the end of the previous school year or by early September. For a spring fundraiser, signing up early in the school year is recommended.
Do you have a minimum number of participants to qualify?
We require a minimum of 40 individual orders placed to qualify for our wholesale prices.
How long does your art fundraiser take?
Depending on the program options you choose, you will receive products 2-3 weeks after we receive your orders. Contact us and we’ll find a schedule to meet your needs!
Why is SilverGraphics the best art fundraiser out there?
There are 4 main reasons why we stand out:

  • We accept artwork up to 12″ x 17″
  • Extensive ordering options, making it easier for all to participate
  • Tiles for Legacy walls offered in a variety of sizes and finishes
  • Every student in our Online Art Fundraiser receives 6 FREE trading cards!

See our Why Choose Us page for more reasons why we are the best art fundraiser!


Are students required to create new art for this fundraiser?
No. Our Art Guidelines allow for artwork to be sent in various sizes which gives the art teacher the opportunity to use art from his or her current curriculum or for a student to send a treasured piece of art from home. This can save time and resources! See our Art Guidelines .
Why do details such as name and date need to be away from the edge of the paper?
We recommend that names, dates and other important details are 1/2″ from the edge of the paper. On many of our products, the artwork extends to the very edge of the product and if important details are too close to the edge of the artwork, they may be partially or completely cropped during production.
Will you send us paper to create the art?
We don’t send paper as we don’t want to restrict the artist to a specific size…creativity comes in all sizes!
Can we send digital images?
It is always better to send original artwork so that we can professionally scan it for the best reproduction at our facility. If you are sending digital images of artwork, follow our Digital Guidelines. A high volume of digital images cannot be sent by email. We recommend using a file-sharing application, like Dropbox.
Can students submit multiple pieces of art?
We request that schools send one piece of art per student for our Online Art Fundraiser. We schedule for a specified number of scans and additional artwork could delay your timeline. New art can be uploaded to your Online Gallery or submitted with your paper order forms during the ordering phase of your fundraiser.
Can siblings and teachers participate too?
Absolutely! It’s fine to extend your fundraiser to siblings and school staff as well. Just create a folder labeled “Misc.” and include a list of participating artists.
When will original art be returned to our school?
We return artwork after we enter your school’s orders, or along with your product shipment unless you request an earlier return date. And, on request, we send you a Dropbox link containing digital images of each student’s artwork!


What are the ordering options?
We have three ordering options:

  • Online only: receive products sooner
  • Online and Paper: easy ordering for all
  • Portfolio Art Program: art and orders turned in at the same time

Add a tile wall to any of these options!

How does online shopping work?
Your Online Shop is protected by student-specific access codes and is accessible through the SilverGraphics website! Order forms include clear instructions about how to access your online shop and place orders, another convenient shopping option for busy parents.
How secure is the Online Gallery?
Art will be identified online by the student’s first name and last name code only. Every student is assigned a unique Access Code which is only provided to that student and to the school SilverGraphics coordinator, ensuring our school’s safe options to protect the privacy of their students. Uploaded art is named by the parent who uploads it.
What can we do to maximize orders?
SilverGraphics will provide the following promotional materials, free of charge:

  • Digital graphics for Facebook, email blasts or website
  • Posters to display at your school
  • Announcement flyers for every student if requested
  • Product samples if requested


How many different products do you offer?
We offer over 50 products to choose from. As a bonus, if you sign up for our Online Gallery we offer several online exclusives as well. We like to keep our product line fresh and current and welcome new ideas and requests from our customers.
Can the mugs or other kitchen products be washed in the dishwasher?
Our 11 oz. & 15 oz. mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe. Plates and cutting boards should be washed by hand using mild soap and water, and should not be used in the microwave. All other washing instructions can be found on the back of your packing slip.
How will products be packaged and shipped?
For school deliveries, SilverGraphics will send products packaged by student and class for easy distribution. You will find Unpacking Instructions in every box of the product.
What is your policy if a product arrives broken or damaged?
If an item arrives damaged or broken or if an order is incorrect, we will replace it. Guaranteed!


What kind of profit can we expect to make?
If you choose our suggested retail prices, your school will earn an average of 33% profit. But you can customize your prices to meet your fundraising needs. Your Online Shop and your paper order forms will be customized to reflect your chosen prices.
Do we pay SilverGraphics anything upfront?
There are no upfront fees! We will send you a detailed statement after we enter your school’s orders.
Will we have to pay for shipping?
Shipping is free for all schools who have over 100 students who place orders.
Are there any incentives?
Schools can earn 5% off their invoice with 45% of your enrolled students participating and over 150 orders.


What is the most popular tile type for school murals?
Satin finish tiles are our most popular because of their high durability and resistance to the glare of commercial lighting. They also have a gorgeous sheen, in between the glossy and matte look.
Can the tiles be installed outside?
Tuscan Porcelain and Textured Glass can be installed outside but only in complete shade. Contact us for tiles that can be installed outside in any location and in full sun!


Questions About Placing An Order

General Ordering Questions

Where can I find a Promo Code?
Join our mailing list to receive all our special offers.
What if my product arrives damaged or broken?
If an item arrives damaged or broken or if an order is incorrect, we will replace it. Guaranteed!
When can I expect to receive my products?

  • On-time fundraising orders will arrive at the school by the delivery date on your order form.
  • Orders shipped to home will arrive within 3 to 4 weeks.

Art Fundraising Orders

I lost my order form. What should I do?
No problem. Contact your school coordinator and he/she will email you a general order form (a duplicate of your custom forms, minus student name and art image). Place your art fundraiser order using the general form. We’ll match this up with artwork on file in our database. If your school has chosen an Online Shop option, ask your school coordinator for login information.
I forgot my access code for our Online Shop. Can you give it to me?
We will be glad to give you this information if your school has given us permission to do so. If they have not, you must contact the SilverGraphics coordinator at your school.
What should I do if the art or name on my order form is incorrect?
Please contact SilverGraphics by email ([email protected]) or by phone (866-366-5700) and we will look into it promptly.
Can I add additional art or use a different piece of art than the one shown on the order form?
Parents can upload new artwork to their current order. They just need to bring up the art from this year and look for the prompt to “Upload New Art to your Order”. They can then upload the art of their choice, place an order and the proceeds will go toward this year’s fundraiser.

Parents can also attach new art to a general order form (provided by your school’s SilverGraphics coordinator) and submit art and order by the paper order deadline for your school.

Can I order from archived art and have that count as part of my school fundraiser?
Due to the volume of archived art that we keep on file (since 2005!) we’re not able to make it readily available online.
I missed the ordering deadline. Can I still place an order and will my school get credit?
If your school has signed up for an Online Gallery you can still enter your access code and place an order. Your products will ship directly to your home and shipping will be charged. Profits will go to your school until the end of the school year. For paper only schools, please contact your school coordinator for late options.

Independent Orders (non-fundraising)

What are my ordering options?
You have 3 ordering options:

  • Upload new artwork
  • Order from art in your account
  • Order form archived art (we have art on file since 2005!)
Why can't I view my archived artwork?
We have hundreds of thousands of pieces of art in our archives (since 2005!) and we can’t store them all online.Please fill out the Find My Archived Art form on our website. We will then email you the art with instructions on how to place your order.
What are the best guidelines for uploading art?
For best results, follow our Digital Guidelines.
Can I order tiles for a home installation?
Yes, we have imprinted many tiles for kitchens, bathrooms and wall decorations. Please contact SilverGraphics by email ([email protected]) or by phone (866-366-5700).