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Art Lesson Plans

Art Lesson Plans

Below are some of our favorite art lesson plans with links to some great blogs, websites and more. You’ll notice all art lesson plans fill the page with color. The kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school grade levels are suggestions with most lessons being adjustable for any age.

If you are submitting artwork for an art fundraiser, please follow our Art Guidelines for best results! For more art teacher lesson plans check out the SilverGraphics Art Lesson Plans on Pinterest!


Our Latest Art Lesson Plans

  • Koi Fish Painting

    Artwork by Francesca at Charlton Heights Elementary

    Grade 2nd-6th: Lesson Plan: Koi Fish Painting


  • Cow Drawing

    Artwork by Addison at Lexington Elementary

    Grades PK-3rd: Lesson Plan: Draw a Cow Face

  • Rainbow Bird Art

    Artwork by Theodore at Newfield Elementary

    Grade PK-2nd: Lesson Plan: Color Mixing Birds

  • Toucans

    Artwork by Charlotte at Judson Elementary

    Grade 3-6th: Lesson Plan: Toucans


  • Cityscapes

    Artwork by Samantha at Falmouth Elementary

    Grades 2nd and up: Lesson Plan: James Rizzi Cityscapes

  • Zentangle Flowers

    Artwork by Gabrielle at Ashgrove Elementary

    Grade 1-6: Lesson Plan: Zentangle Flower

  • Sunflowers

    Artwork by Sophia at Franklin Elementary

    Grade 3-6th: Lesson Plan: Sunflowers


  • Piet Mondrian Art

    Artwork by Abby at Norton Elementary

    Grades K-5th: Lesson Plan: Piet Mondrian Art

  • Cool – Warm Landscape

    Artwork by Ella at Jeremy Ranch Elementary

    Grade 1-6: Lesson Plan: Cool and Warm Modern Landscapes in Chalk

  • Winter Birch Trees

    Artwork by Elena at Maine Memorial Elementary

    Grade 1-5: Lesson Plan: Birch Trees in Winter

  • Peter Max Hearts

    Artwork by Patrick at East Elementary Connecticut

    Grade 1-4: Lesson Plan: Peter Max Hearts

  • Georgia O’Keeffe Flowers

    Artwork by Ansley at Lincoln Elementary

    Grades K-5th: Lesson Plan: Georgia O’Keeffe

  • Autumn Leaves artwork by Ryan from Pashley
    Fall Pointillism Trees

    Artwork by Ryan at Pashley Elementary

    Grade 3-6: Lesson Plan: Fall Pointillism Trees

  • Galler Landscape by Miles from St Margaret
    Heather Galler Folk Art Landscape

    Artwork by Miles at St. Margaret School

    Grade 4-6: Lesson Plan: Heather Galler Folk Art Landscape

  • Little Birdies Watercolor by Anais from Green Valley
    Little Birds Watercolor

    Artwork by Anais at Green Valley Elementary

    Grades K-4th: Lesson Plan: Little Birds Watercolor



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