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Fundraising Resources

SilverGraphics is determined to offer the most flexible, fun, easy-to-run art fundraising for schools out there. We’ve listened to art teachers, PTA leaders, and dedicated volunteers to design tools that help you reach your fundraising goals.

From your fundraising Starter Kit to expert packaging, we’ve got you covered!
Here are some of the many resources you can expect from SilverGraphics:

  • Dedicated Page on our website just for volunteer coordinators
  • Art Guidelines to guarantee quality reproductions
  • Digital images to use on your social media
  • Email promotions to help boost participation
  • Announcement Flyers to generate excitement
  • Art Lesson Plans that offer inspiration
  • Private Coordinator Facebook Page where you can share stories and ask questions

We are excited to be your fundraising partner!

Contact us to discuss how we can best serve your school:

Email  |  (866) 366-5700

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