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When Science Meets Art

Creature Art

Hillside Elementary ran a SilverGraphics fundraiser and added a really unique tile project inspired by microbiologist, Dr. Sam Bowser. Students studied organisms that live in the deep waters of Antarctica as inspiration to create paper collages that were scanned and transferred to ceramic tiles by SilverGraphics.

The tiles were grouped aesthetically and framed in sets. This art-science collaboration resulted in a stunning tile exhibit at the school. Students met in groups to name their collections and had a chance to show off their work at an opening reception.


Dr. Bowser is a steadfast advocate of science education and art-science collaborations.
“Science is useless unless it’s shared, and most kids are born scientists. What do you expect from a species that’s asking why by the time they turn three?” according to Bowser.

Students studied microscopic sea creatures…

And interpreted them artistically…

“Students loved studying foraminifera–creatures that build artful shells using found objects–from Dr. Bowser. He even flew our school flag at his worksite in Antarctica, then skyped the students to show them! The ‘Hidden Worlds’ tile exhibit looks great at our school!” 

–Stacy Debritz, Parent Volunteer

student art
Creature 2
student art
Artistic Interpretation
Artistic interpretation
Artistic interpretation 3
Hillside's tile wall

Hillside’s Tile Wall is ever-changing, as the 5th-grade class adds to the exhibit every year, with new interpretations of the mysterious undersea world of Antarctica.

Rosy Bishop

~Rosy Bishop
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