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Art In Unexpected Places



In the 10 plus years that SilverGraphics has been operated out of Schenectady, we have watched nothing short of a renaissance for the Electric City. New restaurants, a thriving off-Broadway theater and a casino have all been part of the rebirth of a city that has seen harsh ups and downs in its history. A new art installation is an exciting new addition to the mix of improvements.

An article in The Daily Gazette brings attention to a community art installation being put together by the organization Operation Railbridge, or OpRail for short. This organization is working on creating light installations for otherwise dark, run-down and overall uninviting spaces in the city, specifically under the many rail bridges. What are the benefits of such an installation in a city like Schenectady, the birthplace of the modern lightbulb?

Schenectady lights up

Art installations create an inviting environment powerful enough to transform a space, creating an area where residents and visitors receive a warm welcome from the city. Incorporating light and sound into the installation highlights the rich industrial history of a city like Schenectady. The city was once known as “The City that Lights and Hauls the World” referencing the two prominent businesses located in the city, General Electric and the American Locomotive Company. Combining light and rail bridges was an obvious choice!

Besides serving as a tribute to Schenectady’s history, the light installations will also brighten up pathways throughout the city. Creating an environment for a walking city will encourage residents and tourists alike to explore and enjoy everything Schenectady has to offer.

Art has the potential to create a powerful transformative effect for the place where you live. Being a conversation piece is only a small part of what art installations can bring to a city!



Eliza Feero
SilverGraphics blogger