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Online Art Fundraiser

Online Art Fundraiser

…with easy online ordering and home or school delivery, this is our most popular format. Just ship us student artwork (1 piece per student) for professional scanning. In 2-3 weeks, we’ll open your private Online Art Shop! With a single School Access Code, families will be able to login to your online shop, preview their child’s art, upload more art, and place orders to support your school. You can also choose to accept paper orders. Free art paper provided upon request!

Step 1: Create awesome artwork and ship it to SilverGraphics using our free shipping label.

Step 2: SilverGraphics scans your art, sends personalized Ordering Catalogs and opens your Online Shop.

Step 3: Families shop online with a unique school Access Code.  You can choose to accept paper orders too.

Step 4: Promote your fundraiser with free marketing tools from SilverGraphics.

Step 5: SilverGraphics makes your keepsakes and ships them to your school or direct to customers.


• Add a Legacy Tile Wall offer, a great way to showcase student talent and beautify your school! Invite parents to purchase keepsakes as well as a tile of their child’s art for display at your school. You determine the tile resale price.

Remote learners can participate too, by uploading art to your Online Art Shop and placing their order at the same time!

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