School Fundraising Products from SilverGraphics Studios

Fundraising Products for Schools

Fundraising Products for Schools

Are you looking for creative and fun fundraising products for your next school fundraiser event? Our products are a big hit with students and parents alike. Students are proud to display their art on our keepsakes, and parents love collecting them. Our personalized products make excellent holiday and special occasion gifts for the whole family. With over 50 products to choose from and a revolving array of online exclusives in a variety of price points, there’s something for everyone.

Our products offer an easy way to raise money for classroom expenses, field trips, art supplies, or a playground addition. And we help you advertise with free announcement flyers and product samples for display at school events or for display in a high traffic area.

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Each product is a unique tribute to the student artist.  We take great care to produce quality art reproductions.
Watch as Elizabeth’s art is printed on her very own tote bag!


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Personalized Products featuring your Art

You can place an order even if your school is not running a fundraiser! Just go to our SHOP page and follow the instructions to place an Individual Order. You can order from art already on file at SilverGraphics (we’ve been storing digital images since 2005!), upload new art, or order from art in your account. Setting up your personal account is easy. Remember to login every time you visit SilverGraphics to store your order history and art images.

If you have artwork or photographs, you can easily place them on our custom and personalized products. Create a unique gift for someone special, install an art tile in your home, give personalized wedding favors to your guests. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination! We have over 60 products available for you to choose from, at a variety of price points.

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Display your kid’s art on lasting keepsakes.

Love your kid’s art, but don’t know what to do with the portfolio they bring home at the end of the school year? Have your favorites reproduced on durable and collectible personalized products.

Choose from your child's art portfolio to create personalized products from their art!


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Tile your home with original artwork.

We offer tiles in a variety of sizes and finishes for unique home or business installations. Create a unique backsplash, personalize your bathroom, tile a bench, serving tray, side table, or mirror. Our custom tiles can also be used on countertops, floors, and around fireplaces. The sky’s the limit with our tile products!

Tile can be imprinted with your art to make awesome creative tile walls and tile installations


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Create an heirloom quilt.

Show off your art on beautiful quilt blocks from SilverGraphics, sure to be treasured for generations.

Tina Versaci ordered quilt squares with her daughter’s art, on file at SilverGraphics from past school fundraisers. This quilt memorializes her daughter’s elementary school art, a priceless heirloom!


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Upload your favorite photos.

Bring your favorite photos to life on personalized products such as note cards, beautiful wooden boxes, Metal Art Prints and more. Let our products help you relive special moments again and again. Follow our digital image guidelines for the best reproductions.

Your photos can be imprinted on our personalized products such as notecards, wooden treasure boxes and art plaques.

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Preview Candle with Picture

Give personalized favors and one-of-a-kind gifts.

Weddings • Showers • Birthdays • Reunions • Anniversaries • Graduations
Whatever the occasion, SilverGraphics offers a way to create unique personalized products for gifting. Just upload your art or photo for reproductions on any of our 60+ products.

Personalized products for your wedding, reunion, anniversary or other special occasion.

Personalized mason jars make one-of-a-kind wedding favors!


Calling on Artists Everywhere…

Replicate, share, and sell your creations on mugs, matted prints, tiles and other collectibles.

SilverGraphics has created personalized art mugs from Hope Regan's art, her choice of our many personalized products!

Meet Hope Regan, second-grade teacher, animal lover, artist. Hope’s paintings tell a story about her relationship with nature and animals, things she holds close to her heart. Her SilverGraphics mug collection gives Hope a way to enjoy her art every day.

Beverly Turner gave each member of her art club a SilverGraphics canvas tote printed with her original artwork.

To mark the 20th anniversary of her Art Club, Beverly Turner gave each member a SilverGraphics canvas tote decorated with her original artwork.

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Open an Online Art Gallery!

Artists, art centers and businesses of all kinds (such as “paint and sip parties”) offer our personalized products to their clients as a value-added service or additional revenue source. Patrons can purchase any of our 50+ products in a password-protected online art gallery from the convenience of their own homes. Every reproduction serves as a tribute to the artist and an advertisement for the business or art center! Pricing can be customized to reach a desired profit margin.

Our online store also makes it easy for Individuals to upload art at any time, or order from archived artwork (on file at SilverGraphics since 2005).

Making art to imprint on personalized products from SilverGraphics


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