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School Fundraiser Preferred by Parents

Parents love showing off their children’s artwork! Our fundraiser gives them a way to preserve it and enjoy it for years to come. With over 50 products to choose from, and new additions every year, there’s something for everyone. Under the direction of talented art teachers, students everywhere are creating amazing artwork. We know. We see it everyday! Schools send us student artwork and we print it on products parents can’t resist purchasing. Since we accept artwork right from your curriculum, there’s no extra project required, something art teachers tell us they really appreciate.

For over 20 years, SilverGraphics has been a fundraiser of choice in schools across the country. PTA, PTO, and other Parent Groups looking for creative school fundraising ideas find a perfect partner in SilverGraphics. With 2 fundraiser events to choose from, free marketing support, custom pricing options, and extended online ordering, schools can realize substantial profits.

But our fundraiser is more than just a way to raise money. It also celebrates student creativity, builds pride, and promotes the arts, something we care deeply about. Every year, we donate a portion of our profits to bring art materials to disadvantaged communities. That’s thanks to all the schools that have placed their trust in our fundraising expertise. For that, we are very grateful.

  • Custom pricing
  • Free shipping
  • Large art accepted
  • Online Ordering
  • Personalized order forms
  • FREE trading cards

we accept larger art than any other school art fundraising company

Choose from two school fundraiser options:


... our most popular program with FREE trading cards for each student

With our Preview Art Fundraiser:

  • Schools can maximize participation and profit.
  • Parents have the option to place orders online or by paper.
  • Exclusive products are available online.
  • Every student gets 10 FREE trading cards.

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... an alternate program for quicker turnaround

  • Ship art & orders together

    Collect orders and ship them to SilverGraphics along with student art, up to 12”x17” making it easy to be creative!

  • Distribute products

    Handing out student orders is a breeze since we bundle them by artist and class.

With our Express Art Fundraiser:

  • Late-season enrollments can participate using a condensed timeline.
  • Fewer steps mean better results for schools with low participation.
  • Product samples and order forms can be available at your Art Event.
  • Students can place orders on more than one piece of art.
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Add a tile wall

... commemorate student artwork with a tile exhibit at your school

Your hallways will look colorful and cheerful, decorated with student artwork. Students take pride in these tile displays, knowing they have created something special that will remain at the school after they graduate.

A tile wall offers another way to raise money for your school. Invite parents to order any of our 50+ products and donate a tile printed with their child’s art for display at your school. Watch your installation grow as you add new tiles year after year!

We offer tiles in a variety of sizes and finishes, making it easy to create unique exhibits at your school. With your tile wall shipment, you’ll get installation instructions and paper images of student art so you can plan your layout before installing.

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While there’s no secret formula when it comes to school fundraising, there are some key things you can do to ensure the best outcome, and have fun in the process! Please complete the form below to download our FREE Fundraising Guide, “5 Tips for a Successful School Fundraiser” today!

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We’ve never been of the mind that one size fits all. That’s why we offer schools so many custom options, from choosing your preferred fundraising program and schedule, to submitting student art right from your curriculum with few limitations, to setting your own fundraising prices and ordering options. Time and again, we are inspired by creative implementations of our school fundraisers:

Our art fundraiser is fueled by imagination! Contact SilverGraphics to turn your school fundraising ideas into reality.

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