Express Art Fundraiser

Our Express art fundraiser is a great option for small groups and schools pressed for time, condensing steps to save about 2 weeks. This option is ideal for PTA fundraisers for Elementary Schools, art teachers with limited time, and nonprofits who want to try a creative fundraising program.

You will receive Order Forms, customized for your school, but not student-specific, for you to return to SilverGraphics (with artwork attached), featuring:



Express Art Fundraiser order form

Here’s how it works:

SilverGraphics is here to support your art fundraising efforts every step of the way, with timely email reminders, and an online Coordinator’s area with digital images for your website, Facebook page, or email campaign, plus FAQs, extra forms, and much more. And, to jumpstart your art fundraiser, SilverGraphics will ship a Starter Kit with your Order Forms and complementary promotional materials:

1. Ship Art & Orders Together

2. Distribute Art Keepsakes


Colorful dots


Creative ways to run our Express Art Fundraiser

There are many creative ways to run our Express Art Fundraiser. Here are a few to consider:

  1. Create artwork at school and send art and order form home. We suggest that artwork be 9” x 12” or smaller so that the art can make it home and back to school undamaged. Parents who wish to place an order must return art and order form to school.
  1. Hold an Art Night* at your school where families can come and create art together. Provide paper, art materials, and creative guidance. Have order forms available for parents to complete during the event.
  1. Run a school-sponsored Art Show*, inviting parents to order products during the event. Parents can place orders on-the-spot, on one piece of art, or many.
  1. Attach an order form to student Art Portfolios and let parents select art to return to school with orders attached.
  1. Send an order form home with SilverGraphics Art Guidelines so that art can be created at home. Parents can have their children create new art or send in a treasured piece of art from home.

*SilverGraphics will send you Order Forms along with sample products and poster for display at your art event!


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