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Create Awesome Art!

The #1 factor to influence the success of your campaign is QUALITY ARTWORK! The appeal of final products is largely influenced by the original artwork, which will affect sales!

  • Follow our Art Guidelines to create the best art for your program!
  • Gather artwork into folders by class.
  • Within each folder:
    • Label back of artwork with student name, grade, teacher, school, and arrow indicating orientation (can use initials for teacher and school).
    • Sort artwork alphabetically by student’s last name.
    • Include a class list, with non-participating students crossed off.
  • Fill out the label on each folder, indicating grade, teacher and number of pieces of art.
  • Create a ‘Master List’ of folders with grades and teacher names.
  • Package art into the smallest possible box to prevent damage during shipping.
  • Affix UPS label (provided by SilverGraphics) to your box of artwork.
  • Ship organized art to SilverGraphics with completed Packing Slip.
  • FAQs About Art

Generate Excitement!

Promote your fundraiser at in-school events, in student backpacks, email blasts and social media. Keep school staff informed and invite them to turn in art from their own children!

  • Use SilverGraphics promotional materials to help you maximize sales:
    • Posters (image ?) – two glossy, full color, 18×24 posters
    • Sample products (image example of display?)- 8-10 products to be returned once orders are placed.
    • Announcement Flyer-for every student.
    • Digital Images-for your school website, Facebook

page and email reminders to parents

  • FAQs About Generating Excitement


Whether you choose online ordering only, paper order forms only, or a combination of both, your school will receive personalized order forms, bundled by class and alphabetized by the student, for VERY easy distribution!

  • Distribute order forms by the date indicated on your Action Plan. Each child’s artwork, name and class code are featured on both sides of the order form.

***Please advise teachers that order forms are child-specific.***

  • Remind parents to turn in paper order forms or place orders online by the due date listed on their order form.
  • Return paper orders forms to SilverGraphics
    • Group by class code
    • Alphabetize within each class by student’s last name
    • Review for accuracy and copy for your records
    • Ship by the due date on your Action Plan with completed OrdersPacking Slip
  • Track progress of online orders in the Coordinators Portal (link to sign in).
  • Return product samples to SilverGraphics.
  • FAQs About Ordering

Delivery & Distribution

Your SilverGraphics products are guaranteed to arrive on or before the ‘Receive Products’ date on your Action Plan.

  • A little advance planning will go a long way. Consider how you’ll distribute products and line up your volunteers now.
  • We will email you a UPS tracking number when your products have been shipped.
  • When your shipment arrives, look for the box labeled “Open Me First” which will include a detailed summary of orders.
  • Follow the unpacking Instructionsenclosed in each box.
  • Products will be packaged by student/class for easy distribution.
  • Because of the fragility of tiles, cutting boards, artist’s plates and ceramic mugs, we recommend parents pick these items up.
  • EVERY student will receive a sheet of 10 Free Trading Cards, (whether or not he/she placed an order) sorted by class for easy distribution.
  • FAQs About Delivery and Distribution