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Guidelines for Submitting Digital Art Files

Guidelines for Submitting Digital Art Files

SilverGraphics specializes in scanning original artwork to imprint on a variety of products, using high-resolution scanners to enable quality reproduction. If you prefer to submit your artwork digitally, scanning it will produce the best results. If you don’t have access to scanning equipment, many of the office supply stores often have scanning services. You could also use a scanning app such as Notes that comes with your iPhone or PhotoScan by Google (for both iPhones and Android phones). These apps will omit glare, crop your images based on edge detection and automatically correct perspective.

We recommend that you email SilverGraphics a few “test” images up front ([email protected]). Our graphics department will review your artwork and let you know if it can be used as is or needs modification.

SCAN for the best possible reproduction:

  • File size: between 500KB and 3MB

  • File type: JPEG (preferred), PNG, or TIFF

  • 300 dpi or higher

  • File should be full-size, not compressed or zipped

LABEL your files carefully to ensure that art is attributed to the correct student:

  • Name each art image by student name, last name first (e.g. SMITH Lily.jpg)

  • Separate images in folders labeled by class (e.g. 2Jones for Mrs. Jones’ 2nd grade)


SHARE images with Betty at SilverGraphics: [email protected]

  • For 10 or less images, please email directly to Betty

  • For more than 10 images, share via Dropbox, Google Docs or a similar file sharing application

  • Scan and submit class lists, or fax them to SilverGraphics at 518-688-2051

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