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Send-Art-Home Fundraiser

Send-Art-Home Fundraiser

(formerly our Express Art Program)

Our Send-Art-Home Fundraiser is an alternative to our Preview Fundraiser and gives your school a chance to send home multiple pieces of art each student has created at school. Parents can place orders on one, two, three or more artworks, maximizing your sales potential. It’s a great choice for ART PORTFOLIO fundraising and ART SHOWS and, with fewer steps, it offers a quicker turnaround. You will receive Order Forms customized for your school, but not student-specific, for you to return to SilverGraphics with artwork attached, featuring:

  • Full-color photographs of our 50+ art fundraiser products
  • Prices set at a 33% profit margin
  • Detailed ordering instructions
  • and for schools participating in our Tile Wall Program, a line offering parents the opportunity to include their child’s art in a Tile Wall display at your school.


Here’s How It Works:

SilverGraphics is here to support your art fundraising efforts every step of the way, with timely email reminders, and an online Coordinator’s area with digital images for your website, Facebook page, or email campaign, plus FAQs, extra forms, and much more. And, to jumpstart your art fundraiser, SilverGraphics will ship a Starter Kit with your Order Forms and complimentary promotional materials:

  • Posters to display at your school
  • Samples to showcase our products

1. Ship Art & Orders Together

  • For over 20 years schools have been sending us awesome artwork, using our Art Guidelines to ensure quality reproduction of student masterpieces.
  • We accept student artwork up to 12”x17” which allows teachers to use their own curriculum.
  • Check out our sample Lesson Plans for inspiration.
  • SilverGraphics helps you organize your fundraiser with:
    • Folders to collect art & orders
    • A packing slip with labeling instructions
    • Pre-paid label to ship art & orders
  • All original art is returned with your products at the completion of your art fundraiser.

2. Distribute Art Keepsakes

  • SilverGraphics takes great care to create quality reproductions that parents will enjoy for years! All our products are hand-selected and tested for reproduction quality and durability.
  • Every box includes easy distribution instructions. Products are:
    • Packaged individually by the student
    • Grouped by class
  • Our Product Guarantee: If an item arrives damaged or broken, we will replace it. Guaranteed.
  • You will have the option to open an Online Art Gallery for additional sales after your fundraiser is closed!


Creative Ways to Run Our Send-Art-Home Fundraiser

There are many creative ways to run our Send-Art-Home Fundraiser. Here are a few to consider:

  1. Create artwork at school and send art and order form home. We suggest that artwork be 9” x 12” or smaller so that the art can make it home and back to school undamaged. Parents who wish to place an order must return art and order form to school.
  1. Attach an order form (or order forms) to student Art Portfolios and let parents select art to return to school with orders attached.
  1. Run a school-sponsored Art Show*, inviting parents to order products during the event. Parents can place orders on-the-spot, on one piece of art, or many.
  1. Hold an Art Night* at your school where families can come and create art together. Provide paper, art materials, and creative guidance. Have order forms available for parents to complete during the event.

*SilverGraphics will send you Order Forms along with sample products and poster for display at your art event!

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