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Portfolio Art Fundraiser

Portfolio Art Fundraiser

. . . great for schools who collect student artwork and want to give parents the chance to purchase items printed with any/all their child’s masterpieces! Just attach a SilverGraphics Ordering Catalog to student art portfolios and send them home for families to shop. Parents can place orders on any/all the art in their child’s portfolio. Whether you send home 2 pieces of art or 10, a Portfolio Fundraiser is still an option for your school. Of course, more art means more orders!

Step 1: Collect student artwork throughout the season in art portfolios.

Step 2: SilverGraphics sends Custom Ordering Catalogs for you to attach to art portfolios and distribute to families.

Step 3: Promote your fundraiser with free marketing tools from SilverGraphics.

Step 4: Ship art and orders to SilverGraphics with free shipping.

Step 5: SilverGraphics makes your keepsakes and ships them to your school.


  • SilverGraphics will send (up to 2) extra order forms for you to include in each portfolio. To be sure that orders are fulfilled correctly, each piece of art must have a unique order form attached.
  • Add a Legacy Tile Wall offer, a great way to showcase student talent and beautify your school! Invite parents to purchase keepsakes as well as a tile of their child’s art for display at your school. You determine the tile resale price.
  • After your main fundraiser is complete, you can open an Online Art Shop for re-orders and new uploads!

Read more about Art Portfolio Fundraising including tips for how students can create their own portfolio folders.

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