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Express Program Coordinators

Express Art Fundraising Program

Generate Excitement!

Promote your fundraiser at in-school events, in student backpacks, email blasts and social media. Keep the school staff informed and invite them to turn in art from their own children!

  • Use SilverGraphics promotional materials to help you maximize sales:
    • Posters: glossy, full color, 18×24 posters
    • Sample products: 8-10 products to be returned once orders are placed.
    • Digital Imagesfor your school website, Facebook page and email reminders to parents
  • FAQs About Generating Excitement

Create Awesome Art &Collect Orders

To host a successful Express fundraiser, send home SilverGraphics order forms attached to awesome artwork from your art curriculum. Your custom Order Forms will invite parents to order products featuring their child’s school artwork or to select a different piece of art to return with their completed order form.

  • Follow our Art Guidelines to create the best art for your program!
  • Distribute art/order forms by the date indicated on your Action Plan.
  • Remind parents to return art with order forms attached by the due date listed on their order form.
  • Gather artwork and orders into folders by class.
  • Within each folder:
    • Label back of artwork with student name, grade, teacher, school, and an arrow indicating orientation.
    • Attach order form to art with a paper clip (no staples)
    • Use a separate order form for each piece of art
    • Organize art and orders into folders by grade (or class if there are a sufficient amount of orders)
    • Alphabetize within each folder by student’s last name
  • Fill out the label on each folder indicating the number of pieces of art.
  • Package art/orders into the smallest possible box to prevent damage during shipping.
  • Affix UPS label (provided by SilverGraphics) to your box of art/orders.
  • Ship organized art and orders to SilverGraphics with completed Art/Orders Packing Slip
  • Return product samples to SilverGraphics.
  • FAQs About Art and Orders

Delivery and Distribution

Your SilverGraphics products are guaranteed to arrive on or before the ‘Receive Products’ date on your Action Plan.

  • A little advance planning will go a long way. Consider how you’ll distribute products and line up your volunteers now.
  • We will email you a UPS tracking number when your products have been shipped.
  • When your shipment arrives, look for the box labeled “Open Me First” which will include a detailed summary of orders.
  • Follow the unpacking Instructions enclosed in each box.
  • Products will be packaged by student/class for easy distribution.
  • Because of the fragility of tiles, cutting boards, artist’s plates and ceramic mugs, we recommend parents pick these items up.
  • FAQs About Delivery and Distribution



Will original artwork be returned to our school?

We return artwork after we enter your school’s orders, or along with your product shipment unless you request an earlier return date. And, as our gift to you, we send you a Dropbox link containing digital images of each student’s artwork!

Are students required to create new art for this fundraiser?

No. Our Art Guidelines allow for the artwork to be sent in various sizes which gives the art teacher the opportunity to use art from his or her current curriculum or for a student to send a treasured piece of art from home. This can save time and resources! See our Art Guidelines.

What mediums work best?

Paint, bold markers, oil pastels and paper collages are all very effective. Refer to our Art Guidelines for best results!

Will you send us paper to create the art?

We don’t send paper as we don’t want to restrict the artist to a specific size…creativity comes in all sizes! We do recommend drawing paper or card stock so that names on the back don’t show through.

Where do I find lesson plans and art ideas?

Check out our Lessons Plans on our website for lots of ideas for every age!

Should students include their names on the artwork?

Parents appreciate this added touch! Please keep signatures away from the edges of the artwork, as cropping may occur on some products.

Why do details such as name and date need to be away from the edge of the paper?

We recommend that names, dates and other important details are 1/2″ from the edge of the paper. On many of our products, the artwork extends to the very edge of the product and if important details are too close to the edge of the artwork, they may be partially or completely cropped during production. Please consult our Art Guidelines for further information.

Can we send digital photos or images?

It is always better to send original artwork so that we can professionally scan it for the best reproduction at our facility.If you are sending digital images of artwork, submitting a high resolution scanned image will yield the best results.For photos, follow our Digital Photo Guidelines. A high volume of digital images cannot be sent by email. We recommend using a file-sharing application, like Dropbox.

Can parents submit art from siblings and can teachers and staff submit artwork from their own children?

Absolutely! It’s fine to extend your fundraiser to siblings and school staff as well. Just create a folder labeled “Misc.” and include a list of participating artists.

Can students submit multiple pieces of art?

We request that schools send one piece of art per student for our Preview Program. We schedule for a specified number of scans and additional artwork could delay your timeline. New art can be uploaded to your Online Gallery or submitted with your paper order forms during the ordering phase of your fundraiser.

What's the best way to label artwork?

To ensure artwork gets attributed to the correct student, label the back of artwork with student name (i.e., Grace Jones), grade and teacher initial (i.e., 2B), school initials and an arrow indicating orientation (if there’s any doubt). Use pre-printed labels, or record this information on the back of the artwork in pencil (so it does not bleed through to the front).

How should artwork be organized?

Organize artwork alphabetically by student’s last name, in folders provided by SilverGraphics. Enclose a class list in each folder with non-participating students crossed off.

Why must I ship via UPS/FedEx or USPS priority?

Artwork is irreplaceable and these shippers have excellent tracking capability. We also base our schedules on UPS and FedEx and USPS priority shipping times and other shippers may result in delay of your schedule. SilverGraphics will email a pre-paid UPS shipping label for you to affix to your box of artwork.

What if a student hasn’t completed his/her art by the “ship art” date

Please don’t delay in shipping your school’s artwork if a few students have missed the cut-off. If a student’s artwork is not included in your school’s original art shipment to SilverGraphics, the student may still participate in your fundraiser. Here’s how:

Set aside the student’s artwork

  • When you distribute order forms, provide the student with a “Generic” order form (emailed to you by SilverGraphics) attached to his/her artwork.
  • The parent should complete the “Generic” order form and return it to the school.
  • When you ship your school’s orders to SilverGraphics, include the student’s artwork (paper clipped to his/her generic order form) in a folder labeled NEW ART.

For art to be included in your online store, you must ship it to SilverGraphics before the ordering deadline.

*Contact SilverGraphics if you have a large amount of late artwork (i.e., an entire class).


What promotional materials will I receive?

SilverGraphics will provide the following materials, free of charge:

  • Digital graphics for Facebook, email blasts or website.
  • Posters to display at your school
  • Announcement flyers for every student (Preview only)
  • Product samples if requested
How do I request promotional materials and when do I receive them?

When you enroll in our fundraiser, you will have the opportunity to select complimentary promotional materials from SilverGraphics and enter the date you would like them available.

What’s the best way to promote our fundraiser?

The more you promote, the more successful your fundraiser will be!

  • Display samples at in-school events
  • Send home announcement flyers in student backpacks
  • Send out email blasts
  • Post on social media

Inform teachers about the program dates and their role in handing out & collecting order forms. Invite them to submit artwork from their own children! Also keep the main office in the loop should a parent contact them with questions or turn in an order form to them.

Do I need to return my samples?

Please return your samples after your ordering deadline so that we have them to send to the next school in need. We also like to update and refresh our samples yearly.


What are the ordering options?

We have four ordering options:

  • Paper only: online exclusives not available
  • Online only: receive products sooner
  • Online and Paper: easy ordering for all
  • Express: art and orders turned in at the same time

Add a tile wall to any of these options!

What is the Online Gallery option?

The Online Gallery is your password-protected online store accessible through the SilverGraphics website! Order forms include clear instructions about how to access your online store and place purchases, another convenient shopping option for busy parents.

How secure is the Online Gallery?

You will be able to select from two levels of security:

Level 1 security: Username and password or Artwork ID number required

If your school’s privacy guidelines allow, we recommend going with the first level of security. This would allow parents who lose their order form or parents with split custody to easily find their child’s artwork (by browsing the school gallery) without needing a specific student Artwork ID number. The security level is still high as we only identify students by first name and last name code (unless last name is written on the artwork itself).

Level 2 security: Artwork ID number required

If you choose the second option, which is the highest level of security, you will be provided with a list of students and their unique order numbers. If a parent loses their child’s Artwork ID number they will need to contact you. Unless given permission by your school, SilverGraphics will not be allowed to give out a student’s Artwork ID number.

How do I track orders placed?

You will be given instructions on how to track your online orders on your Online Gallery Portal when your Gallery has been uploaded. Your paper orders can also be viewed here after they have been entered by SilverGraphics.

Can other family or friends place orders online?

Yes. Parents may share their access information with others so that they can place orders. If an on time order is placed, it will be delivered to the school. If a late order is placed, shipping will be added and it will ship to the orderer’s chosen address.

How long does my school earn profits from their Online Gallery?

Schools will continue to earn profit from their fundraiser until the end of the school year!

How long does it take to process the orders?

You will receive your products within 2 to 3 weeks after we receive your orders.

Why are there different due dates for paper orders and online orders?

The paper order due date is earlier than the online due date to allow for time to ship the orders to SilverGraphics

What if an order form is lost?

No problem. Each school is provided with a “generic” order form (a duplicate of your custom forms, minus student name and art image). The parent should place an order using the “generic” form. We’ll match this up with artwork on file in our database. If your school has chosen an Online Gallery option, parents can be given the user name and password (and order number if necessary) which will be provided to your school’s SilverGraphics coordinator.

What if art appears incorrectly on the order form or online?

Please contact SilverGraphics by email ([email protected]) or by phone (866-366-5700) and we will look into it promptly.

What if a parent wants to place an order using an additional piece of artwork or doesn’t like the artwork originally submitted?

There are two easy ways for parents to submit new art or additional art:

  1. Login to your Online Gallery and upload new art.

After parents select their child’s art in your Online Gallery, they will be given the option to upload new art. For best results, parents should submit a high-resolution scanned image or, for photos, follow our Digital Photo Guidelines [pdf standalone].

  1. Attach new art to a generic form (provided by the school SilverGraphics coordinator) and submit it by the paper order deadline for your school.
Do I need to check addition and/or tally orders?

Checking addition is very important to your fundraiser—and busy parents sometimes make errors in calculation. You do not need to tally orders as SilverGraphics will email you detailed order summaries along with the invoice after orders have been entered.

Why do I need to make copies of the order forms?

It is a good idea in the event that your order shipment gets lost in transit, or if SilverGraphics has questions on any order. Orders placed online can be tracked with your exclusive Online Gallery Portal.

What forms of payment do you accept for online orders?

For paper order forms, checks are made out to the entity entered on your Wholesale Agreement (usually your school or PTA/PTO). For online orders, all major credit cards are accepted.

Are there any promotional codes?

Periodically, SilverGraphics offers promo codes. When placing an order, parents will have the opportunity to join our mailing list to receive all our special offers.

What if an order comes into the school the day after we’ve shipped our orders?

Orders can be faxed to SilverGraphics within 24 hours after your initial shipment. We’ll include these with your on-time orders. After this, late orders must be handled in a different manner, detailed below.

What are my LATE ORDER options?
  1. Online School Gallery Option

This is your easiest option. If you have chosen Online Only or both Online and Paper options, any late order can be placed online. It will be shipped directly to the address chosen and shipping will be charged to the person placing the order. The school will get credit for any late orders placed until the end of the school year with no extra work for you!

  1. Paper Only Option

We will accept one batch of late orders which will not be guaranteed by the targeted holiday. Shipping will be charged to your school or organization. Your school will profit from your batch of late orders, minus shipping costs.

How can parents place FUTURE ORDERS after our fundraiser is over and our Online Gallery has expired?

Your school’s artwork will be on file in our database, available for individual ordering. In fact, our files date back to 2005! Orders are easily filled by choosing an option under “Place an Individual Order” on the shopping page of our website. Here, customers will be prompted through a series of simple steps to place an order. Remember, your school DOES NOT make profits from individual orders placed in this way. It’s a great opportunity for coordinators who have chosen the Paper Only option and don’t want to accept late orders or for parents who want to place an order after the Online Gallery has expired.


When will we receive our products?

SilverGraphics guarantees product delivery to your school on or before the “Receive Products” date listed on your Action Plan.

How will products be packaged?

SilverGraphics will send products packaged by students and class for easy distribution.

What’s the best way to distribute products?

It’s advisable to have a distribution plan and line up your volunteers in advance. You will find Unpacking Instructions in every box of product. We recommend scheduling a pick-up date so that fragile products don’t get damaged in student backpacks.

If parents place orders online, will their products ship to our school?

All on-time orders will ship to your school, whether they are placed online or by turning in a paper order form. Late online orders will ship direct to the customer with shipping charges added.

Are your products made in the USA?

Many of our products are USA made. You can browse this category in our online store. Additionally, all imprinting is done right in our home plant in upstate New York!

Do you have eco-friendly products?

We are proud to offer a line of eco-friendly products, designated on our order form and online.

Will the color on products match the artwork exactly?

There may be some variation in color.  This is due to the variety of product textures and surfaces onto which the artwork is reproduced.

Can the mugs or other kitchen products be washed in the dishwasher?

Our 11 oz. & 15 oz. mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.  Plates and cutting boards should be washed by hand using mild soap and water, and should not be used in the microwave. All other washing instructions can be found on the back of each packing slip. See all our Care Instructions.

What if there is a problem with a product or an order?

If an item arrives damaged or broken or if an order is incorrect, we will replace it. Guaranteed!

What if I can’t find a student’s products?

Don’t panic! SilverGraphics guarantees that if the order was placed, the product will be shipped to the school. Please check the Orders Summary included with your shipment. If the order is listed on the Orders Summary it means it has been checked off before the shipment is sent out. If the order is not on the Orders Summary, please call SilverGraphics: 866-366-5700.

What if I have questions about my order summary and profits earned?

At the end of the fundraiser, you will receive a detailed order summary itemizing every student order. Your invoice will include orders placed online (if this option is chosen) and orders placed by paper and the profit made through each method. If you have additional concerns or questions, please contact SilverGraphics by email ([email protected]) or phone (866-366-5700).

When is payment due?

There’s no need to send payment until you receive your statement from SilverGraphics. After we enter your school’s paper orders and/or your online ordering deadline has passed, we will generate a detailed invoice. Prompt payment is appreciated.


What are our tile options?

We offer tiles in a variety of sizes and finishes to create unique exhibits at your school. See all your tile options and prices here: Tile Wall Information.

What is the most popular kind of tile for tile murals?

Satin finish tiles are our most popular because of their high durability and resistance to the glare of commercial lighting. They also have a gorgeous sheen, in between the glossy and matte look.

How should we fund our tile wall?

There are many ways to fund your tile wall, including:

  • Run our full-product fundraiser and use the proceeds to purchase a tile for every student (or the graduating class) at wholesale cost.
  • Add a line to your order form, inviting parents to order a tile with their child’s art to exhibit at your school. You set the price point.
What artwork should we use for our tile wall?

You can use the same art you submitted for your full-product fundraiser. Or, send in new art just for your tile wall. Follow SilverGraphics Art Guidelines for the best results.

How do I install my tile wall?

It’s advisable to line up your installation team in advance, perhaps calling on the expertise of a parent volunteer who has experience installing tiles in his/her own home. SilverGraphics encloses easy installation and cleaning instructions with every tile wall that we ship: Tile Wall Installation Instructions.

When should I expect to receive my tiles?

Generally, SilverGraphics produces and ships tile wall tiles at the end of every season, for January and summer installations. Contact SilverGraphics for other options.

Can the tiles be installed outside?

Tuscan Porcelain and Textured Glass can be installed outside but only in complete shade. Tiles that can be installed outside in any location and in full sun are coming soon!

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For additional questions, please contact SilverGraphics
at [email protected] or 866-366-5700.