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For best results, encourage all students, siblings, teachers, and staff to participate. A minimum of 25 participating students is required.


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Ordering options – Preview Program
For both the Preview and Express Programs, students will receive custom order forms with your school's ordering instructions. The Express Program offers paper-only ordering, as you will ship orders attached to artwork. For the Preview program, select from the following ordering options:

Tile Wall Options
Create stunning tile exhibits at your school or business. Select one of the following options:

Add a line to your Preview or Express order form, inviting parents to order a tile of their child's art for display at your school, at any fundraising price you choose.Purchase tiles outright for every student(or specific groups), at wholesale prices.I would like more information.No thank you.


Specify the information you want printed on your order forms which will go home to every parent.

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SilverGraphics supplies digital images for website/social media and posters for display. Please indicate whether you would also like the following promotional materials, compliments of SilverGraphics
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Product samplesAnnouncement Flyers

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Schools are responsible for shipping samples back to SilverGraphics in good condition at the completion of the fundraiser.

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Thank you for choosing SilverGraphics as your fundraising supplier!  When you buy from SilverGraphics, you retain total control over every aspect of your fundraising program to ensure that it’s the perfect fit for you and your customers.  You set your prices, and you determine your profit margin.  We’ve been supplying schools for over 20 years and are eager to offer you great ideas, tips, and suggestions we’ve learned from our customers across the country.  We want to be the supplier you come back to year after year!