Art-Based Tile Wall Fundraising

Our art-based tile fundraising program turns full color artwork into durable tiles that can be used to make a beautiful TILE WALL. Original artwork up to 12" x 16" can be made into colorful tiles of various sizes and finishes.

We are the ONLY art-based fundraising company that gives you a choice of sizes & finishes for your tiles. Satin and matte finish tiles are often better suited for school or commercial environments as they reduce the glare caused by florescent lighting. Our glass and porcelain tiles give your tile walls unique looks that are both versatile and stunning.

Tile Finishes
School Tile Wall

School Tile Walls

Inspire pride in your school and brighten up any hallway!

We offer three exciting ways to create a beautiful art tile wall at your school. We will customize prices and profit margins according to your school's fundraising needs.

  1. FUNDRAISE WITH OUR STUDENT ART PROGRAM... Use profits from your fundraiser to buy a tile for each student in your school and create an all-inclusive tile wall.

  2. ADD A LINE TO YOUR ORDER FORMS OFFERING A TILE FOR A LEGACY TILE WALL... Give parents the opportunity to buy a tile for your wall of art as well as their own customized art products.

  3. JUST ORDER TILES!.. Beautiful tile walls can be created from your school's art without additional fundraising options.

We will work with with you to customize your program and make your idea a success!  Contact us »

School Tile Wall

Corporate Fundraising

SilverGraphics’ Tile Wall Program not only raises funds but also cements a lasting connection between the artist(s)/donor and your organization. We will work with you to make your fundraising campaign a success!

Here are some unique tile fundraising ideas:

  • USE A VARIETY OF ARTWORK. Images that can be put on tiles range from artwork to photographs to inscriptions or business logos. Keep in mind that we recommend anything sent to us digitally be in a high resolution for best reproduction.

  • DETERMINE YOUR DONATION LEVELS. Donors can purchase different sizes of wall tiles made from their artwork according to the donation level they choose. Artwork can be imprinted on a larger tile or over several tiles for larger donations. Donation amounts are determined by you.

  • THANK YOUR DONORS. You can offer each donor a duplicate tile or any of our other products imprinted with their artwork as a thank you.

  • EXTEND YOUR FUNDRAISING. Add to your fundraising campaign by letting us host your artwork on your own password protected gallery on our website. Donors can purchase any of our items with their chosen artwork and a percentage of the proceeds will go to your organization for as long as you would like to keep your gallery active.

We look forward to working with you on a creative and exciting fundraiser!  Contact us »

Tile Walls by SilverGraphics

School Tile Wall

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School Tile Wall School Tile Wall School Tile Wall School Tile Wall School Tile Wall School Tile Wall School Tile Wall School Tile Wall School Tile Wall School Tile Wall School Tile Wall School Tile Wall