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SilverGraphics is excited to offer you the opportunity to fundraise online! If your order form contains your username and password, please enter it here to place your order:

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If your order form does not have a username and password, your school/organization has chosen not to publish art on our website and you must submit the paper order form to your school/organization with payment.

If your school's Online Gallery has been up for more than a year, you may place your order through... School (Non-Gallery) Orders »

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You can place an order online even if your school chooses not to sign up for our Online Gallery option. We have artwork on file dating back to Fall 2005!
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SilverGraphics' Online Gallery option extends your fundraiser and promotes online ordering!

If you sign up for our fundraising program, choose to have your artwork professionally scanned by SilverGraphics and proudly displayed on our website in your own secure, password-protected Online Gallery. Our fundraising program has three options: paper order forms only, online ordering only, or a combination of the two.

You can then extend your art fundraising efforts through our online store option. After your school's/organization’s ordering deadline, fundraising coordinators can refer all late orders or reorders to our website with no extra work for them. You will receive a percentage of the profit from each online order of custom gifts imprinted with artwork from your Online Gallery.
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